2016 Synod of the
Diocese of Missouri Valley  

Bishop Stephen Strawn directed the whole synod to reflect on Vocation.  Fr. Patrick Fodor gave theological reflection on the theme.  In his reflection, he said that Christian Vocation is not other than participation into the Trinitarian life...that all Christians are called (Latin, vocare...root word of vocation) to know, love and serve God.  Whatever our status in life -- blessed singleness, married life or clerical life -- we are called to be holy, that is, participate in divine life. 

Vocation in particular and specific sense is a call to serve the people of God as a cleric.  The Bishop challenged all parishes and missions, the clergy and laity to pray and call qualified Christian men to the clerical life.  

There are many challenges and responsibilities an  Anglican priest is tasked to do.   One of which, is to serve the sick and the dying.  This is the matter of Bishop's sermon during the Blessing of the Holy Oils, the highlight of three-day synod.  


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